Local TV Station KBJR & KDLH are in a contract negotiation with DISH network, and unfortunately they haven't been able to come to an agreement. That means that DISH customers as of now can't get their CBS and NBC local networks through their provider.

KBJR says they've been trying for months to come to an agreement with DISH, but they can't meet their demands.  We aren't the only market that is seeing this dispute, as Quincy owns local TV stations across the country, and they too are losing their local affiliates in their towns on DISH.

So what are you to do in the meantime while they hash it out? It's pretty simple for some people that don't live too far out in the sticks. All you need is an antenna for your digital TV. I've been using one for years, and I can tell you that it's crystal clear digital quality and it's the cheapest way to get it, because it's absolutely free after paying for the antenna.

I'm not being sarcastic either to those people who obviously know this, but I do know that some people don't realize that TV stations broadcast their signal over the air. You don't need a cable provider, satellite provider, or anything else to get it.  Just an antenna.

And, if you do live far enough away that it's hard to get a clear signal, they do sell antenna boosters that work pretty good too that cost around 30 bucks.

So while you wait for them to come to an agreement, go ahead and enjoy the programming with your TV antenna.

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