The Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) has announced their plans in regard to updated open-dates for a wide variety of museums and historical sites that they maintain across the state.  Many of these sites have been shut down since last March when the earliest shutdown and stay-at-home orders were given due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  With COVID-numbers stabilizing and with the roll-out of vaccines, the Minnesota Historical Society is "pleased" to welcome back visitors to these unique tourist sites.

Some of the sites are already open.  Others will start to open to visitors - in a staggered, tiered-roll out - beginning the end of May.  Meanwhile, the Minnesota Historical Society is working on plans to reopen others.

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Here is a list of MNHS sites that are already open to visitors:

  • The Minnesota History Center
  • Split Rock Lighthouse
  • the Trading Post at the Mille Lacs Indian Museum
  • Birch Coulee Battefield - outdoor trail sites
  • Fort Ridgely - outdoor trail sites
  • Marine Mill - outdoor trail sites
  • Traverse des Sioux - outdoor trail sites

Here are the list of sites that will start to open at the end of May, listed and categorized by their first opening date:

May 29:

  • Comstock House
  • Sibley Historic Site
  • W.W. Mayo House

June 2:

  • Forest History Center
  • Mille Lacs Indian Museum

June 3:

  • James J. Hill House
  • Jeffers Petroglyphs
  • Oliver Kelley Farm

June 4:

  • Historic Fort Snelling
  • Snake River Fur Post

July 1:

  • Historic Forestville

July 2:

  • Charles Lindbergh House and Museum

Finally, here is a listing of the sites and museums that the Minnesota Historical Society is working on opening plans (and dates) for:

  • Alexander Ramsey House
  • Folsom House
  • Harkin Store
  • Lower Sioux Agency
  • Mill City Museum
  • Minnehaha Depot

While many of these sites have opened or are planned to be opened, officials are still working to limit the spread of COVID-19 with precautions.  MNHS is limiting the number of daily visitors at each of these sites.  Tickets can be purchased online with a limited number only available for walk-ups. To get details about what COVID-19 protocols are in place at each of these sites, click here.

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