A Reddit user who goes by the screen name is u/justin_stpierre shared this video to the Connecticut page recently. The post was titled: Can anyone tell me what this is? Saw it early morning in Connecticut.

Can anyone tell me what this is? Saw it early morning in Connecticut from r/UFOs

The comments started flooding in, reacting to the images with one man saying his boss reported seeing something similar the same morning.  u/chillyparrot wrote: "My boss came into work this morning telling me he saw this too, he said it was up there for a few hours and first saw it at 3 am." The same user commented later writing; "He said he saw them directly over his house in the west end of Bristol, CT." 

Just when things were heating up someone decided to throw cold water on the party. u/boomzino commented saying "This was ESPN. There were floodlights for the Heisman show." 

Mr. Boomzino seems to have a lot working for his argument. The Heisman show was Tuesday January 7, 2021 and the other user said his boss saw them over Bristol which is where ESPN's campus is.

But, why would the lights be on at 3 am? Why in the middle of a pandemic economy?  ESPN is cutting cost left and right, why would they decide to run massive amounts of electricity in the middle of the morning?

Furthermore, why do all of you have to be professional de-bunkers? Why must you point out the obvious and most rational explanation for every single awesome thing when you know full well I want it to be aliens?

One day it is going to be extraterrestrial beings coming to harvest for minerals in your ass and you won't know what to do. You will be looking to people like me who have been planning for this eventuality for years. When that day comes, I'm not going to tell you what defensive measures you need to take to protect your kibbles or your bits.

And if we are being fair, I've seen "event" spotlights but none that moved the way those did. That looks like a sky snake and you all know it.

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