Recently a show from a few years back on the History Channel has made its way on to Netflix called 'Hangar 1.' The premise of the show is a deep dive into MUFON's UFO files. They claim they are all stored in 'Hangar 1' that looks like a rusty old broken down hangar. I doubt that this is actually where their files are, but I'll overlook it for the sake of production.

I've watched just about every UFO paranormal show that I could have found on Netflix. Some are better than others, and some are just so ridiculous you just turn it off. This one is somewhere in the middle, honestly. There is enough intriguing stories that it still manages to hold your interest and keeps you watching.

The first episode dives into UFO's and the history of U.S. Presidents. Both Reagan & Jimmy Carter had sightings. That's not new information, but they dive deeper into what happened and the implications of why Presidents may not have come forward. However, in this show's true style, they go even further claiming that Nixon drove Jackie Gleason to a secret hangar and showed him alien bodies.

That's kind of the gist of this show. It gives relevant information, and then goes just a step too far. Another gripe I have is how scripted the "experts" are. That's just not really how we do these kind of series anymore.

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Even with my complaints, it is an eye opening series that highlights actual MUFON reports. MUFON, by the way stand for Mutual UFO Network which has been studying this for decades.

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