U.S. Bank Stadium will be hosting the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four and one of the stipulations for hosting the event including installing curtains to keep lighting consistent.

According to StarTribune.com, thousands of pounds of heavy gray fabric are being installed, with the $4.6 million cost being paid out of the stadium’s capital improvement fund.

While it may seem odd to cover the glass of U.S. Bank Stadium, which is a key feature to the stadium as it provides great downtown views and natural sunlight, it is necessary to keep playing conditions consistent for players and for television coverage.

The curtains may also come in handy when it comes to concerts at U.S. Bank Stadium.  If you've ever been to a concert there, you know that the acoustics are troublesome, unless you score field-level tickets.

The curtains should provide a sound buffer, which in theory would reduce the horrible echo that has plagued major concerts at the stadium.

Officials will test the effectiveness of the curtains for concerts when Garth Brooks performs at U.S. Bank Stadium in May.  Draped fabric along the west and east ends of the stadium will be in place for both of his performances.

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