In 2020, the Minnesota Twins will celebrate their 60th season by a reviving a popular look from the team's past, which will be used as an alternate uniform.

The new baby blue Twins jersey is a variation on the Twins road uniform worn from the 1976 through the 1986 season.  Those jerseys were worn by Twins legends Rod Carew and Burt Blyleven, as well as a young Kent Hrbek, Gary Gaetti and Kirby Puckett.

The new alternate uniforms can be worn by the Twins either at home or on the road and they will feature baby blue tops and pants, paired with the team’s standard navy blue cap (without the Kasota Gold outline on the interlocking “TC”).

Along with with the new baby blue alternate jerseys, the Twins will be wearing a special logo commemorating the 60th season of Major League Baseball in the Twin Cities.

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The circular logo has “Minnesota Twins” arching around the outer ring, “60” atop the skyline art and “Seasons” within a ribbon banner, all colored in white. The outer ring and skyline are navy blue, the ribbon banner is colored scarlet red, and the sky and river are a light blue, while the Stone Arch Bridge is Kasota Gold (which also outlines the entire logo).

The new Twins jerseys are already on sale, but with Christmas approaching the first batch is selling fast.

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