One of stories that came out of the Vikings win Sunday night was that Saints head coach Sean Payton was mocking Vikings fans with the Skol Chant just before Stefon Diggs ruined his year.  However, there wasn't any visual proof, until now.

The above tweet from @MatthiasBeekie claims to show the moment when Payton decided to prove what a little d-bag he can be.  If you'd like to see it put into gif form, check out tweet below from @EmilyMeade123.

However, Payton seemed to forget that an NFL game is 60 minutes long so he should've waited until there was no time left in the game before making fun of the Vikings fan base.

You know what they say about karma.


Mike Triplett, who covers the New Orleans Saints for ESPN, tweeted a quote from Sean Payton in regards to this.  Apparently this gesture was directed to a small group of fans, who were probably heckling Sean and the Saints throughout the game.  In that scenario, it doesn't that bother me.  What about you?

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