I swear, the most frustrating thing a person can ever encounter is trailer lights.  This weekend for fishing opener I pulled my boat out, all ready to go.  I had the bearings packed on the trailer, fuel tank full, battery charged, what else could I be forgetting?  I hooked the truck up to the boat, plugged in the wires, did my normal check, and nothing.  ARGH!

How many times have you driven by seeing someone messing with the wires on their trailer?  How many times have you seen someone's trailer lights just not even working?  It happens ALL THE TIME!  Why is trailer wiring so fragile?  Why does this keep happening?  My guess is that if it's a boat trailer, the wiring gets wet and eventually it will corrode or short out.  Using water proof connectors should help that, but I've still had wiring fail that way.   Also the wires are more exposed to the element on trailers, and it's just bound to happen.

Turns out (so far) that the problem was actually a previous trailer I was hooked up to, that had a short in it and blew several fuses and a relay on my truck.  The boat trailer wiring was fine, it was my truck's problem.  And, with any wiring problem, it took at least an hour to try and figure out.

Here's to a better weekend coming up.  Maybe I'll get the boat in the water.

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