I am not warped, there is a reason why I came up with the top 5 most popular insects of our area that should be used in insect-inspired food.  Because a museum in Houston has a vending machine that carries only snacks made from insect parts.  I thought why not get rid of our top 5 most annoying Northland insects, can you guess which 5 they are?

Would you eat chips made from ground cricket flour?  That's the kind of snack available for purchase at the Houston Museum of National Science's Brown Hall of Entomology.  I guess I'd try one chip, I don't like to turn my nose up at something without at least trying it once.  Although, an episode of Fear Factor comes to mind!  I think the following list of insects would be great to use in the insect inspired food, then we'd have less of them to "bug" us!  As I was writing this blog, two others came to mind, the Army Worm and the Fly (House & Horse)!


  • Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


    Gnats end up in my mouth, eyes and up my nose when I'm running in the summer.  They stick in my hairspray and yes, they do bite.  Take two, they're tiny.

  • Mike Simons/Getty Images
    Mike Simons/Getty Images

    Asian Beetles

    Yes, I know they eat other bugs, but we had an infestation in the West Duluth area last year, and they bite!  I was literally vacuuming them off my walls.  I had to use the vacuum because if you squished them with a paper towel on the wall they left a yellow mark.  I called it my Asian Beetle land mine.  Come up with some Asian inspired dish and use em' up!

  • Tom Ervin/Getty Images
    Tom Ervin/Getty Images


    I say MosquitoeS, with an "s" because where there is one, there are many.  Need I say anything about these pests?  Besides carrying disease, they bite you, suck your blood and leave you with an itchy, red welt.  They are also crafty, once they finally land where you can see them, they can avoid your swat and isn't their hum so much more audible at night when you're trying to sleep? (with your head under the covers so they don't bite you)

  • Bethany Clarke/Getty Images
    Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

    Emerald Ash Borer

    This insect's name, Emerald Ash Borer has been in the news a lot lately because it's responsible for taking down forests, literally.  This week it was noted that the Twin Cities will be cutting down 66,000 trees and that's just the public trees, they aren't even touching the trees that are owned by the residents.  We've had issues with them in the City of Superior and on Park Point.  They are one of the reasons we can no longer transport firewood through certain counties in our area.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


    They ARE a pretty green color and they do eat other insects, but it's not when they are alive that bugs me, it's after they die.  Have you noticed that Mayflies are drawn to lights, your porch light, parking lot lights, etc.  They don't have a long life span and when they die (and there's lots) there are literally hundreds of Mayfly carcasses littering the ground near the light. EWWWW!

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