Saturday was the only night that my parents would let me stay up late.  That's because that was the night of the Carol Burnett Show.  (after having to sit through the painful Lawrence Welk Show).  With all the talk of airlines in the news I was doing research and ran across something that brought me back and still makes me laugh to this day.  Classic Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.  Do you remember this?

They were golden together!  The best was when Harvey and Tim would lose it and could barely stay in character.  That was when live TV was at it's best.  Beats "reality" TV hands down!  This particular skit was way before it's time because years after they shot this video I did actually get handed a bag lunch when getting on a flight.  Thank goodness they still have windows in airplanes.

I hope you get a giggle and this takes you back to the those Saturdays that we anticipated 9:00pm and the Carol Burnett Show!