Yodeling "Walmart Boy" Mason Ramsey has been gaining traction in country music as of late, and duo Thompson Square have been sitting back and watching the phenomenon do his thing.

They shared their thoughts on the viral sensation in a chat with Taste of Country Nights' Sam Alex. "I think it’s great," Keifer Thompson says. "There are child prodigies all over the place. I think this kid’s on a wild ride."

While host Sam Alex alluded that he thinks Ramsey should take a little more time just to be a kid, Keifer says he feels as if he already is: "He’s still living his childhood. It’s just a baller childhood. He can still play in the sandbox and ride his bike and stuff. He’s definitely the coolest kid in school right now."

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Thompson Square’s Shawna Thompson had a similar musical upbringing, but perhaps not as extreme as what 11-year-old Ramsey has been experiencing.

“I was probably 10 or 12,” she says of when she started playing music. "It was my dad’s band and he caught a bunch of flak about having his kid in a bar, but they always kept close tabs on me."

Currently, Thompson Square are not only releasing new music, but the married couple is also keeping close tabs on their own little one at home, who is growing up a little too fast for their liking.

"He’s two now and he’s so amazing,” Keifer says of the duo's son, Cooper. "I wouldn’t trade it but you just miss every phase, so now you look at these videos we made before and it’s like, ‘Man, he actually let you hold him’ and he was just chill and quiet ... and now he’s saying no to everything."

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