Some of my family and friends have been going to Lake of The Woods near Baudette, MN for several years now on ice fishing trips.  I've been invited in the past, but due to conflicting schedules it hadn't worked out for me to go until this last weekend.   So I was a "first timer" and had never been up there before.  I didn't know what to expect, and it's pretty crazy!

First off, it's a heck of a drive.   Even from here in the Twin Ports it was a solid 5 hours of driving before we drilled our first hole.  That's with a couple of stops along the way.  I imagine if you didn't stop at all you could do it in 4 hours.

This isn't my first time having to buy a road pass, but we did have to get one for a couple of days.  They were $10 bucks and we got them at Adrian's Resort.  Their road is off of wheeler's point.

The next suprising thing was how incredibly far out that we go!  The fishign reports were that the bite was 13 miles or better out.  I had no idea we would be going that far out.  We ended up being about 17 miles out in the middle of the lake.  That's a lot of driving on the ice.  It was like a highway!

We didn't have great fishing for Lake of The Woods, but I never would have known if people didn't tell me.  I caught 4 keepers the first day, and six the next day.  It's not very often where I can say I caught 10 walleyes in 2 days.  I'll take it.


When you're on a big open area like that, it can really get windy.  We had to ratchet strap our portable house to the truck to keep it from blowing around.  Also you better make sure you have your truck pointed back towards the road if you get into white out condidtions, because it wouldn't be hard to get lost out there.

And when the sun goes down, there is a lot of traffic on that lake.  Miles and miles of cars on the ice!  It was crazy!

So to wrap it up, if it's your first time go with someone who's been there before or check into a resort.  I know I'll be going back!

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