If you are deciding to fly this summer, there are some new rules, the Transportation Security Administration released a list of things for you to know.

Travel and leisure report you will notice a few things that are different. You will have to scan your pass right away yourself instead of handing it over to an agent. Liquids rules are still the same 3.4 ounces, but now you are responsible to do some pre policing, they can still take them from you if they find them, but you will have to get rid of liquids a lot sooner. There is an exception, you can carry 12 ounces of hand sanitizer, but don't have it in your bag.

 Also, bring food in a clear plastic bag and run it through the x-ray like you would your computer. Speaking of computers, they go in a tray, but put personal belongings like your phone, keys, wallet or belt inside your bag and not directly on the tray. By doing this they are hoping there is no touching of passenger's belongings to pass the virus.

AARP reports the physical distancing is still in effect. This will make lines look longer because everyone will be a farther distance apart. That means you will want to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare, there will be more delays because the airport is also staffed with fewer people.

AARP is reporting that the TSA officers will have gloves and face masks and there will be clear guards up in some areas.  The TSA is asking people to come with their mask on once they leave the car since some people will right busses and trains.

The bottom line is, call ahead and see what the rules are, even though these rules are laid out on the TSA site, every airport has a different layout. Call (218) 727-2968 to check the rules at Duluth International Airport.

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