Last night was tough, as I expected it would be.  The show itself was described in the special that aired before as a "living thing."  It certainly did take a life of it's own, and it felt like we were putting it down.  But we all knew it had to go, and the writers met most of my expectations that I was hoping for.  SPOILER ALERT

I'm glad all of the characters had a happy ending.  You could argue that Toby didn't, but when the gang convinces him to join the after party at Dunder Mifflin it shows that he still does have people that care about him.  Kevin was fired, but come on, he almost needed to be.  Plus he's got his own bar, that's pretty cool!And then there is creed, which we will get to.

I loved the Jim & Pam bit.  We would not have been happy if they had stayed in Scranton.  They deserved so much more than that.  We all wanted Jim to succeed.

Best episode ever for Creed.  I was worried we weren't going to get to say goodbye.  Then at the panel, we spotted creed in disguise.  He also reappeared several times and had a great ending, being hauled off by the cops.  I loved that they acknowledged that the character on the show and Creed Bratton were the same people.  This was just the real guy all this time, acting goofy.  Loved him playing acoustically at the end too.

Michael Scott...  I really think they handled this well.  I'm glad he was the best man, as I had hoped.  It was a nice twist.  He had if I remember correctly just two lines, and they were the best of the night.   "That's what she said," holding back tears of joy, and "It's like watching my kids grow up... and then marry each other... isn't that what every parent dreams of?"  as he's crying.  Steve Carell didn't want to steal the show, he had his goodbye already.  He didn't steal the show, but he did add a sense of closure.  He's got kids now, he's with Holly, and he's got a happy ending finally.   We needed that.

Most shocking moments:

Meredith's son turns out to be the stripper at the bachelorette  party.  I think it's great they used the same kid actor, seeing how much he's grown up.   And it was hilarious the awkwardness that Meredith was oblivious too.

Creed saying something sentimental at the end of the show, lens zooms out and he's being hauled away by the police.

Jim and Pam quitting.   I didn't expect to see it on the finale, but I'm glad we did.  The severance package was nice to.

Kevin and Toby getting fired.   It almost started off a little sour at the beginning for me, but once I found out that they were ok, it was fine.

Kelly and Ryan.  So glad they made it into the show, and such a fitting end.   Plus, it doesn't hurt that Nellie got her baby finally.

Like I said, it was a great send off and closure for the series.  It was a satisfying way to end a relationship with one of my favorite shows on tv.  Plus, I've already started watching some of my favorite episodes over again.  (Like the "Injury")

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