This spring is pretty busy in the real estate market in the Twin Ports.  A stronger economy and a shortage of houses are causing multiple offers and houses going fast.  However, this one may be out of the price range of some, (or most).  Ladies & gentlemen, here is the most expensive home in Duluth, MN.

This home is located in Congdon on the shore of Lake Superior at 2930 London Road.  It sits on 216 feet of ledge rock on Lake Superior with stunning views.   It's a lot of land too for being in town with a 2.4 acre lot.  Don't forget to bring your racket along to play a game on the private tennis court as well.

The house isn't all that shabby either.   It's just a modest 4 bedroom, 4 bath, mulit level with over 4800 square feet.  (I was kidding about the modest part.)

Check out the photos!  Maybe some day, right?


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