The Loft is a popular consignment boutique in Duluth and they recently had a break-in, which occurred in the middle of the night. Luckily, their video surveillance system captured the trespasser and the hunt is on to catch them.

Whoever it was left behind their baseball cap, which could lead authorities right to them.

According to the The Loft's Facebook post from Sunday, October 24, the incident took place in the overnight hours:

This dirtbag tried to rip off The Loft last night between 3:30am & 4:00am. Please help us identify this individual. He left a baseball cap behind (see additional video and picture in comments below).
Contact Duluth Police Department with any information.
PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE WITH ALL (let's make this loser famous).

While the video, which you can watch above, could be helpful, the hat they left behind may lead someone to know exactly who this is.

The Loft in Duluth Facebook
The Loft in Duluth Facebook

As you can see from the photo of the hat, which was shared by The Loft, this is likely not a real common hat you see a lot of people wearing. The question, of course, is whether this hat is one that the suspect had frequently worn or just grabbed on the fly and then had no issue leaving it behind.

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Either way, let's get this video and hat out to everyone and see if we can't figure out who this is. If they broke into The Loft, they would likely break-in elsewhere to see what they could take.

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