My husband and I were on our way to Wentworth Gardens to get veggie plants for the garden and we saw a line of about 11 tractors making their way across Highway 2 to the Riverside Bar, formerly Charlie's Rapid Riverside .  It was a sight to see and we wondered what the heck was going on, so we stopped on our way back.

I found one of the volunteers to ask what it was all about and found that this was the 11th year of the tractor ride.  They directed me to the organizer Paul for more information and I found that the ride starts early in the morning with breakfast for the drivers.  So many people benefit from the Tractor Ride, besides the drivers themselves.  They make a stop at the Middle River Health Facility for the residents to enjoy the tractors. Then, this year they ended the 20 mile ride at Riverside Bar where they parked them for the general public to view.  It was interesting to see the antiques, many of which still are used in the fields to this day.  Every year they give away a tractor that was donated, this year it was a 1947 Farmall B. They also give away prizes to the drivers in several categories, Tractor of the Year, Runner-up, Best Dressed Driver, Oldest Tractor and Most Unique.  Only the drivers can vote, but that's cool, because I wouldn't have known what I was voting for.

Homie Kates
Homie Kates

The coolest thing is that some of the proceeds from the event are used for memorial scholarship funds for Agricultural students that graduate from Northwestern High School in Henry and Pat Abrahamzon's name.

Thank you to Paul, the volunteers and the drivers that take part in the Tractor Ride that I'm sure is fun for them, gives the residence at Middle River Health Facility an interesting day and provides financial help in the form of scholarships to graduating Northwestern High School students.  Super cool idea!

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