Let's face it, we live in a pretty harsh environment. From freezing cold winters with blinding blizzards to hot, humid, and stormy summers, we see a lot of weather in the Twin Ports. Here's a list of the worst storms in the Northland in the last 5 years.

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    July 1, 2011 Damaging Winds & Tornado Near Solon Springs

    A massive and severe thunderstorms swept through the Northland. The national weather service in Duluth received 40 reports of severe weather, including the video of this storm that produced an ef2 tornado southwest of Solon Springs. Most damage of this storm was a result of straight line winds. In Burnett County, they exceeded 100 miles per hour!

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    Extratropical Cyclone October 26-27th 2010

    Minnesota set a record for the lowest barometric pressure ever during this event. It caused heavy rains, and strong winds. I remember trying to drive over the Bong Bridge and barely keeping it on the road. On the Blatnik Bridge, winds reached the Twin Ports High of 65 MPH. Dave Anderson from the Northland's News Center describes it as "Hurricane Like Conditions In The Twin Ports." It was truly a rare event and record that will hold for years to come. Thanks to Bryan Hansel Photography for this awesome picture.

    Bryan Hansel Photography
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    Lake Effect Snow December 19-21st 2008

    What was suppose to be a small amount of snowfall, ballooned into a full blown localized "dumping". I was in lakeside during this storm, and only got 3 inches. At Cathy Kate's house, they got 17 inches! All from lake effect snow that funneled in from Lake Superior.

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    Christmas Blizzard 2009

    These last two storms I'll mention are about equal in snow fall totals. Christmas 2009 was a little more laid back as most people didn't have to worry about getting to work. It definitely created some tough holiday traveling and altered plans. The blizzard came and lasted 3 days. By the time it left, snow totals reached as much as 26" of snow in Pequaywan Lake. Duluth Received around 22".

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    Massive Blizzard Of March 2007

    This was the biggest blizzard to hit the Northland in a long time. There was over 20 inches of snow that fell, and wind gusts reached 66 mph at Sky Harbor Airport. DTA pulled buses off the roads, and plows were even taken off the road until the wind died down. I remember driving to work in my 4 wheel drive truck "gunning it" to get through snow drifts. When I drove over the Blatnik Bridge, the wind blown snow created a snow tunnel over the bridge. Craziest weather I've ever seen. Park Point was shut in, and the whole town shut down.