The Badger State. The mention of the name 'Wisconsin' instantly conjures up many vivid images for many.  There's cheese (of course) and farms, cheese (again) and beer, beer (sense a theme?) and the Green Bay Packers, beer (have you caught on yet?) and - well, the list could go on and on.  Basically what most of the rest of the country (and perhaps the world) thinks it knows about Wisconsin is that it's the home of cheese and beer.

But what if you had to come up with a list of items that Wisconsin is not only known for but a list of items that are made in the state?  As in - items that are manufactured in here in the Badger State and represent a large portion of that product-types total national output. And - what if that list didn't include cheese or beer?  What would be left?

It turns out - a lot.  Wisconsin plays a vital role in our nations economy - turning out a wide variety of products and services that are enjoyed by everyone across the country. The manufacture of those products and services also employ a lot of people - keeping our local economy going as well.   And yes - beer plays a large part of that.

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For the sake of our list purposes, we chose to leave out beer to give some of the other product-types the chance to shine.  We did, however, leave cheese on the list; after all, Wisconsin is "America's Dairyland"!

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