I've been reading several interviews and news feeds from Teddy Bridgewater. He says he will be a starter next year. It sounded like he was confident he would still be a Viking after this season. I thought that would be the case too since they nursed him back to health and kept him the whole time.

Obviously, Case Keenum has the best chance of staying with the Minnesota Vikings. There are rumors that Keenum and/or Sam Bradford could follow Pat Shurmur to the NY Giants. I would think that Case would want to be a starter for Minnesota rather than follow Shurmur to New York and be a back up to Eli Manning. However, if Shurmur makes it a competition, does Manning still have it?

According to The Sporting News, Teddy Bridgewater says he wants to be a starter and will try elsewhere if he is not offered the job in Minnesota. So far, neither side has said a word about Bridgewater's future.

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