Taylor Dayton and myself had a little bit of a challenge over the air the other day. We both were going to be carving pumpkins with our families, and I told him we would compare to see who's was better.

He easily won. I don't want to make excuses, but I'm going to anyway. My wife got home late from work, I was busy cooking dinner and cleaning up after dinner, so we tag teamed the pumpkin carving. I didn't get a good pumpking from the patch, and they were kind of rotten to begin with.

Then I realized we didn't have any candles so had to use the flashlight on my phone. This is what we ended up with. :(


And here's the masterpieces that Taylor and his family created:

His was on the far left, and even his simple snowman makes mine look terrible.

Well done, weatherman.

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