UPDATE: Tavern 105 is open again as of Monday (September 28th) morning, after closing over the weekend as a precaution, stating that they "received back the COVID test results with a negative result." 

A popular restaurant in Superior has shut their doors temporarily as a precaution relating to COVID-19.

Tavern 105 announced the news on their Facebook page Friday (September 25th). According to their post, they were contacted earlier in the day and told that about a customer who had been in that week had tested positive for COVID-19.

As a precaution, owners decided to close temporarily until the entire staff can be tested. They elaborated on this decision, writing:

We are being proactive and communicating openly on why we are temporarily closing to prevent rumors from circulating. The closure is NOT saying any of our employees have COVID-19, instead that they may have been exposed to it by a customer earlier this week.

As always, our number one priority has and continues to be that both our employees and customers are healthy and safe. The health and safety of our staff and customers is always our first priority.
Owners of the restaurant also state that they will make an additional announcement should one of their employees test positive for COVID-19. At this time, they do not know when they will reopen, stating only that testing can take anywhere from one day to several.

Tavern 165 is a popular spot in Superior, located at 1811 Central Avenue. They are known for their chicken wings, baskets and fun atmosphere.

Sadly, Tavern 165 is just one of several restaurants in the Northland that have had to temporarily shut down because of an employee or customer testing positive for COVID-19. For example, both the Duluth Grill and Little Angie's were forced to close for a bit earlier this year.

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