The Miller Hill Mall opened in 1973 and there have been many changes, even in recent years. Gone are stores like Montgomery Ward and Glass Block, but they are not forgotten.

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Here's a little walk down memory lane inside the Miller Hill Mall. See how many stores that you remember, how many you forgot were even there and which ones you wish would come back.

Time Warp! Take A Look At Stores + Scenes From The Past At Duluth's Miller Hill Mall

Since it first opened its doors in 1973, the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth has seen plenty of changes. There has been expansion and many stores have come and gone.

Take a look at some stores and scenes from the past at the Miller Hill Mall. Do you remember them all?

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Central Entrance has had a lot of changes in the last ten years. Some businesses have left. New businesses have arrived. Buildings have been torn down and empty lots have been filled with new buildings. Here's a look back at Duluth's Central Entrance.

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