Seriously, Check The Ice!
It never fails. Every December people go through the ice. Last week it was a truck that went thru on Lake Vermilion. This week it's a couple of guys that broke through with their snowmobile.
Apocalyptic Safe Zone
We often hear people in the Northland complain about things like the weather and the roads, but living here does provide plenty of benefits over other parts of the country. For example, did you know that Duluth was named of the best cities to live in to survive a nuclear apocalypse?
Are Roundabouts Safer?
There's a lot of hate for roundabouts. Maybe it's because some people are confused by them, or are just resistant to change. According the Wisconsin DOT there are many benefits to the roundabouts. Here's what they've found.
Check Your Smoke Detectors
Check your smoke detectors, replace your batteries, test them out, and let's try to be safe!  There has been a huge amount of house fires in the last few weeks.

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