Places to Get Pumpkins
One of the staples of fall and the Halloween season is picking out that perfect pumpkin to carve, or even to just put out for decoration. Where does one look for the best pumpkin picking around Duluth, Superior, and beyond? Here are three suggestions, some more simple, and others more extravagant.
Pumpkin Carving Night At The Lake Superior Zoo
You can either bring your own pumpkin or buy one at the Lake Superior Zoo's Chapter of the AAZK. Proceeds from the AAZK pumpkin sale will be donated to Bat Conservation International. There will be some pumpkin carving tools there for you to use, or you can bring your own.
Dads: Save Time and Carve Pumpkins With Your Jigsaw [VIDEO]
We carved pumpkins the other day and my wife bought a small tool kit full of saws, tiny blades, and other girly crap to do the job.   After our boy quickly lost interest in carving pumpkins and it was all left for me to do the carving, I pulled out the big gun:  My craftsman jigsaw.
20 Halloween Pumpkin Fails
Between your foolproof stencil of Justin Bieber's face and an endless supply of premium 99 cent carving tools, you probably envisioned yourself minutes away from that dreamy pop star pumpkin glowing all over your neighbors' jealous faces. What could go wrong?
Real Life Ron Swanson Carves Pumpkin With a Gun
When we carve pumpkins, we generally use a knife, but they must do things a little differently in the South. For example, Tennessee resident and YouTuber Hickok45 carves his pumpkin with a Colt 1911 handgun. Why, you may ask? Because using anything else would just be plain silly.
10 Awesomely Geeky Jack-o’-Lanterns
We’re self-proclaimed Halloween geeks. But honestly, how can you not be? There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday that by the time October 31st rolls around, our entire lives are defined by creepy stuff and ridiculous garb. Our pets aren’t big fans of the festi…

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