What is Archery Tag? It's Like Paintball, But Using Archery!
I saw this today and I immediately was interested.  It's a sport that is growing internationally, and it looks like a lot of fun.   Much like paintball, Archery Tag is a sport where players shoot arrows at each other on teams.  The arrows have a foam tip so no one gets hurt.…
Watch The Most Epic Paintball Battle Ever! [VIDEO]
This is paintball at its most extreme!  I've done some paintball and enjoyed the rush, then later experienced the welts.  I admit I'm not a great shot so I make up for it by firing as much as possible, which made a friend of mine very unhappy as he fell to the ground after I over…
Best Places For A Bachelor Party In Duluth
So you're planning your buddies bachelor party.  It can kind of get overwhelming.  There are 4 major rules to a bachelor party:
1.  Make sure it's fun
2.  Nobody goes to jail
3.  Nobody goes missing
4.  No one goes to the hospital
So what can you do?  I'v…