When Does Summer Actually Start In The Northland?
A lot of people were griping today in the office about the 27 degree temperature drop yesterday here in the Twin Ports.  Someone asked, "How can this happen in summer?" Another quickly corrected him that summer doesn't start technically until June 20th this year.   T…
Local Photographer Captures Spectacular Northern Lights
We were told that we had a pretty good chance at viewing the dancing Northern Lights in the Northland.  There were to be very active last evening into the early hours this morning. One local photographer, Tim Mlodozyniec caught the phenomenon beautifully and gave me permission to share with tho…
Northland Winter Prediction
Winter is approaching the Northland, you can feel it in the air.  The question now is, what type of winter do we have to look forward to?  Who better to give us that answer than Justin Liles, Chief Meteorologist from our media partners at WDIO-TV.
Multiple Lightning Strikes Cause Damage In The Northland
It started with the the usual question to my husband, "Was that thunder?"  After we stepped outside to peer up at the sky the answer was obvious.  The rumble of thunder and the strikes of lightning were many before the rain actually hit.  My phone lit up with warnings from the three source…

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