UFO Filmed By Denver News Station [VIDEO]
A Denver news station claims to have filmed a UFO.  Of course they did just legalize recreational marijuana so I'm sure people are seeing all kinds of things.  Take a look at this report and see what you think.
Traffic Death Rate Drops 9% In States That Legalize Marijuana
The debate has been going on for years on whether or not to legalize marijuana.  Some states, like Colorado, have passed medicinal Marijuana laws.  A recent report shows that those states that have legalized marijuana have seen a suprising effect - less traffic fatalities.  Here'…
Finally, Science Proves “You Can’t Eat Just One.”
Have you ever tried to eat one potato chip?  Or maybe just a couple of french fries.  Before you know it, you've pigged out and way over ate.   There's something about them that makes you want to just keep eating.  And now we have the science to back it up!