A Warning To Parents: Kraft Recalls Mac & Cheese
When my daughter was young Kraft Mac & Cheese was a staple in our home along with hot dogs, chicken nuggets and juice boxes.  I've always trusted Kraft and I'm sure they feel horrible.  This blog is just to make parents aware, not to blast or shame Kraft.  I've …
Berry Bliss Cake
With the Memorial week-end ahead, (and SO much to do), I thought I would share a SUPER easy dessert recipe that "looks" hard to make and reeks of summer goodie-goodness.  The Berry Bliss Cake!  You can even change out the blackberries for blueberries and it will be red, white and blue.....…
My New Love: Philadelphia Italian Cheese and Herb Cooking Creme
Have you heard of  cooking creme?  I hadn't until I found a Baked Penne Pasta recipe from Kraft Foods that I wanted to try.  I really didn't even think I'd find it at the grocery store, but...there it was...waiting patiently next to the cream cheese.
I apologize, I already shared a recipe this week, …
How To Properly Boil An Egg [VIDEO]
Ok, stop's not a piece of knowledge you're born with and it's important to know, especially when coloring eggs for Easter is on the horizon.  Here's an easy how-to video to help you from Kraft.