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Tips To Winterize Your Summer Machines
It's about time again to put away our summer machines:  boats, lawnmowers, motorcycles, etc.   Doing a few simple steps can really help ensure that in the spring it will run good.   Here we go!
“Do It Yourself” Mentality, Is It Slipping Away?
This is something that kinda bugs me sometimes.  I have something break down at home, I go buy the parts, and I fix it.  Someone will say, "why even mess with it, just call someone to fix it."  Why?  Because there is something special about being able to "do it yourself."  It see…
Tips For Re-Lighting Gas Appliances After Flood
If you were unlucky enough to get a substantial amount of water in your basement, you probably had your gas appliances go off.  It can be very difficult as I found yesterday to get those appliances going again.  Here's a few tips that helped me out.
1.  Follow instructions on your…