Sometimes You Get More For Your Money With Kids
It's just me and Sam at home and we have been trying to do "boys" stuff. Sam has been making suggestions. Sometimes when you have time off you want to fix stuff or clean stuff, and that's what I was doing when Sam said, "Daddy, when do we do something fun!!??&…
Elf Caught on Video
The following video of an Elf on the Shelf may shock you. Grab the kids and watch closely. If you own an Elf, be vigilant about where he/she/it is at all times.
Chris Allen’s LIfe Quiz-What’s Your Score?

You’ve heard of the Bucket list? Things you want to do before you die. What about things you’ve done in your life. I’ve seen this many times in emails and even found a few blogs on the internet with some of these things. So, I borrowed some from many lists and put together my own list. Look it ov…