Celebrate Oktoberfest Saturday in Oshkosh
If you're looking for a beautiful getaway this weekend, take the drive to Oshkosh for the 9th Annual Oshkosh Oktoberfest. Festivities kickoff at 11:00 a.m. this Saturday, October 7, at Opera House Square with the Annual Running of the Wiener Dogs!
Video Shows Just How Chaotic Fyre Festival Really Was
There was some buzz this last week about a music festival in the Bahamas that went terribly wrong.  Basically, it was a cheap festival that attracted a lot of young people to go see some big acts.  However, the acts never showed up.  They all cancelled.  It was promised to be a l…
One Tall Ship Cancels Visit
The Tall Ship Festival is coming to Duluth this weekend, and it's expected to generate $15 million for the local economy.  However, it appears that one ship will no longer be making the trip.