Wounded Dear Attacks Hunter in Wisconsin
It's pretty rare that a deer will take on a human being, but it did occur Friday night in Fon Du Lac County.  A 72 year old hunter shot a deer with an arrow from his crossbow and wounded the animal.   The animal ran off, but later he went to track the doe.
Minnesota Archery Season Opens Next Weekend
The opening day for the deer archery season begins Saturday, September 13th!  Deer population is much lower this year in many parts of the state, so be sure to check your regulation handbook.  One big change this year is the amount of "Bucks only Harvest Areas."
Hunter’s Delight Venison Taco Pie Recipe from Taste of Home
My daughter's birthday dinner was at grandma's house last night.  Corned venison was on the menu.  I didn't try it then, but took a baggie of it to work this morning so Ken could try it.  He MADE me try it too and ya know what???  It wasn't that bad, tasted JUST like corned beef.  With MN and WI dee…

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