Do You Remember These Car Dealerships In The Northland?
While my co-host Ken and I were playing a radio contest recently a gal with the last name of DeVinck won. I asked her if she was of the family that once owned DeVinck’s car dealership and she said yes! That got me thinking of all the car dealerships that I remembered in the Northland that aren’t aro…
New Volkswagen "Luv Bug" Commercial, Naughty or Funny?
It actually took watching the new "Luv Bug" Volkswagen TV commercial twice to get it.  The first time we saw it, my husband and I looked at each other in disbelief and said, "were they insinuating", "was that suppose to be them",  "did they just"?  After the s…
Will Rubbing Alcohol Mix Defrost Your Windshield?
Maybe you've seen the video that's been going around Facebook that shows how you can use a mix of rubbing alcohol and water to spray the frost away on your windshield.  It was made from a meterologist in Tennessee, and he makes it looks like we are dummies for scraping away all these …
Cold Weather Driving Reminders
Here we go with the colder temps and forecast of snow coming soon, the roads are going to get slick and that means more accidents. Motorists need to remember your old driving school basics to keep safe and drive well.

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