J.J. Abrams Returning to TV to Write New Space Drama
Star Wars: Episode IX isn’t the only thing keeping J.J. Abrams’ head in space. The LOST and Westworld executive producer is headed back to TV to write and create a new series about a family that finds itself “transporting to another land,” with both HBO and Apple reported…
Which Is Better Assistant, Siri or Alexa?
We were wondering which artificial intelligence assistant worked better. Would it be the classic Siri from Apple, or Alexa from Amazon? We asked both a series of questions to see which one performed better.
Get Ready for Original Movies and TV Shows From Apple
Chances are, you’re currently reading these words on a phone, computer, or tablet manufactured by Apple. Maybe on your morning commute, you listen to music downloaded from the ITunes Music Store. If you are an on-the-go sort of person who’s not afraid to be made fun of, you may have an…
Easy Apple Turnover Tastes Like Pie
I've made this easy Apple Turnover several times because an apple pie is just to big for a household of two.  This is the perfect size, is easy to make and tastes just like apple pie.  My friend Sandy shared the recipe with me years ago and I just rediscovered it in a pile of recipes …

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