What’s New on Amazon Prime: October 2018
It’s that time again: Prepare your Amazon Prime queues because you’re going to be adding a whole bunch of new movies and shows to your lists come October. And yes, there are plenty of spooky titles to get you in the mood for Halloween, including classics like Carrie and newer releases …
Which Is Better Assistant, Siri or Alexa?
We were wondering which artificial intelligence assistant worked better. Would it be the classic Siri from Apple, or Alexa from Amazon? We asked both a series of questions to see which one performed better.
Wildwoods Holds A Baby Shower For Orphaned Animals [VIDEO]
I am a self-proclaimed mammal lover and when it's a baby I melt even more.  There is a wonderful place that exists in our community that strives for the well being of our wild life, especially the babies.  Now that it's spring the will be seeing more and that has prompted Wildwoo…

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