The Swon Brothers' powerful single "Don't Call Me" tells the story of a man trying to let go of an ex who he knows is wrong for him, and the new music video brings to life the difficulties one often goes through in this situation.

Set at various locations throughout Nashville, the nearly four-minute clip showcases the beginning stages of a couple's relationship as a series of flashback scenes. Later, the video fast-forwards to the man attempting to ignore his girl's continued calls.

"Don’t call me / We’ve been here before / Don’t want me if you don’t want something more / Don’t need me / When you’re lonely at 3AM asking me to come over again / So I can hold you, I already told you / I can’t do that anymore / If you’re gonna go then go, don’t let my phone light up / I know you know I ain’t strong enough to keep myself from falling / Don’t call me," the duo sing on the chorus.

While the man in the video successfully avoids his ex's calls he can't seem to ignore her for too long, as she shows up at his house at the end of the night.

"Don't Call Me" is the Swon Brothers' new single from their most recent release Pretty Cool Scars. The song was written by Jordan Reynolds and Robyn Collins, and the brothers credit producer Brad Hill for bringing the track to them.

“It’s a song we can all relate to,” Colton Swon says. “It’s about finally getting to a point where you get over the things you need to get over, and you can move on with your life. I think it can represent people in a lot of different ways, and then it becomes much more than a song at that point.”

Older brother Zach agrees, stating that they tried out the new song in their live shows before ultimately deciding to record it and make it a single.

“We like to listen to our fans that way, and hands down, our fans gave us every indication that this was definitely a keeper," Zach shares. "Me and my brother knew we had something golden when we just sat down and played it for the first time in the living room with just the two of us, and it just felt like it was written for us.”

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