Work is progressing on the massive renovation of Tower Avenue in downtown Superior.   Sewer work continues, sidewalk concrete is being poured, and groundwork for landscaping has begun.

 Work completed since last update:

  • Sanitary sewer work resumed at 13th street towards Belknap Street.
  • Watermain is at 13th street and they installed temporary water between 13th Street and Belknap.
  • The grading crew subcut and backfilled with subbase and base aggregate from 11th -12th Streets.
  • Concrete sidewalk was installed at various locations between 8th -4th Streets and colored concrete was placed at the NW and SW corners of 7th Street, the SW corner of 5th Street and all 4 corners at 4th Street.
  • Footings and walls were poured for the landscape planters between 11th and 12th Street.

Anticipated work schedule for the week of: August 5, 2013

  • Sanitary sewer is scheduled to continue  all mainline at the beginning of the week.
  • Watermain is scheduled to continue from 13th to Belknap.
  • Storm sewer is scheduled to continue from 12th-13th Streets along Tower Avenue.
  • The grading crew is scheduled to finish placing base aggregate on Tower Avenue from the RR tracks to 12th Street in preparation for concrete paving.
  • Mainline concrete pavement from the RR tracks to 12th Street is anticipated for the middle to end of next week.