Sometimes change is a good thing.  The City of Superior made changes to how they receive reservation requests for the park system and now they're allowing the efficiencies created by the upgrade to allow for a better customer experience.

Earlier this year, the City of Superiors Parks and Recreation Department switched from paper to an online reservation system called Spotz.  That switch has already brought improvements, according to an article in the Superior Telegram:

"The online system has been working to eliminate paperwork and increase reservations, particularly at Billings Park where availability has tripled with three time slots available over the course of the day."

The increase in potential reservations makes for a win-win situation all the way around.  But there are also additional areas of improvement that the Spotz online system brings with it.

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Prior to the switch over, the old system the city used only allowed for reservations to occur within a calendar year.  That proved to be problematic for both the general public and for city employees. Linda Cadotte, the Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Director for the City of Superior explained the situation in regards to the old system:

"Any reservations we would typically make would open up on January 1.  So we [would] come back from our break from the holidays and that first week would be slammed with people trying to make reservations for their wedding in June or for something later in the fall."

The new online system solves some of that problem. Cadotte continued her explanation:

"With Spotz, we have the ability to keep it going on a rolling basis.  You can't reserve for two years from now, but there's no reason we have to stick with January 1."

Final approval to extend the reservation cycle and make the changes to its reservation system will come with a vote at the next Superior City Council meeting.  That meeting is scheduled for September 7.

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