The City of Superior is hosting their Superior Coastal CleanUp 2018 this Saturday, September 15, but volunteers are invited to form cleanup groups starting Monday.

Superior Coastal CleanUp 2018 involves hundreds of Superior volunteers who will collect garbage beginning September 10 from beaches, riverbanks, and streams flowing into Lake Superior.

Participating in the event is great for the environment and it's also a great team building experience that organizers believe will help to strengthen your family or group by doing something great for the unique natural environment we are a part of.

The City of Superior will provide everything you need, including a clean-up kit and garbage disposal.  You are welcome to choose your own location to clean, or city officials can help you identify a location of need.

The official event is this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at Wisconsin Point, Beach Lot #1 in Superior.

Whether you can join the September 15 Superior Coastal CleanUp event, or are able to do some cleanup ahead of time, please call Andrea at 715-394-0392 to arrange your clean-up site, pick up clean-up supplies, and arrange garbage disposal.

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