The "single largest pay increase" in more than ten years was approved by the Superior School District.  The raises will benefit all employees and will add almost $1 million to the total budget for the next school year. The approval vote happened at the Superior School Board meeting on April 11.

As previously reported and also included in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], here are the general terms of the pay raises:

  • Teachers, administrators, and professional and support staff will see a 4% pay increase
  • Step-salaries will see an increase at each interval; $1,659 is being added at each step interval along the way
  • Academic and activities staff will see a 10% increase in the stipend they're pair for work with students
  • Changes to the way that athletic coaches are paid; instead of a check at the end of the season, they'll now benefit from being paid for their services on a bi-weekly basis throughout the season they're coaching for

With the vote to approve, the Superior School District hopes to achieve a couple of things:  boost morale among current staff members, retain those current employees, and help to attract applicants for the open positions that they have.  As part of the vote, the district pointed out that the "new salary structure is based on 85% of the Consumer Price Index".

Superior High School - Superior School District in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Here's a breakdown dollar wise of what the approved raises will cost the district:

  • $595,740 for Teachers
  • $236,572 for Support Staff
  • $95,095 for Administrators
  • $35,208 for Athletic Coaches
  • $29,501 for Professional Staff

The salary increases approved by the Superior School District totaled $998,592.

Superior Middle School sign - Superior School District in Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

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