The Superior School District recently shared a brief post on their Facebook page that asks everyone to do their part being safe during the pandemic. In the post they urge people to stay six feet apart, where masks, and wash your hands. This should all be second nature to us now, but there is a growing concern of pandemic fatigue.

The Superior School District has different plans in place for different students and grade levels. I know in our family we had to decided whether or not we were going to send the kids to school or not. We had the option to do at home learning, or some in class learning. We ended up doing the in class option. However, the school district has a plan in place to go full distance learning if the COVID metrics for Douglas County reach 50 out of 10,000 infected people. Earlier in October there was a week where the number was rising at hit 40.9. In weeks since it has begun to stabilize at around 32.

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Still, it doesn't take much for it to rise again. I am really hoping we can keep this number down and keep schools open. It was a tough decision and the beginning of the year, but for my family it makes sense for the kids to go to class. When they are at school there is no doubt they are learning much more than when they are distance learning at home. It's also an added help for parents who are working from home to get their jobs done.

The school district updates their COVID-19 numbers on a weekly basis on their website. They also share the number of students and staff covid-19 abscenses.

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