The Superior Mariner Business Center's sign on North 28th Street came crashing down over the weekend. The Mariner Business Center, previously known as the Mariner Mall, had the area fenced off with school buses and other equipment parked in the area. Much of the mall's parking lot on the west side is fenced off and leased for space.

Two School Buses with the Superior School District name on them were in the fenced-in area. One was below the sign and the sign landed on the parked school bus, damaging the hood from what we could see when we went by.

Zachary Ronstrom
Zachary Ronstrom

According to data from the National Weather Service Duluth office, the highest wind gust in the area this weekend was 32 miles per hour. Previous spring storms in April and early May had gusts as high as 50 mph, which likely weekend the sign structure.

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Comments on social media came in quickly, many poking fun at the fact that the mall is still in business. There are several shops still in the mall, including some new businesses like Superior Fun Land. New Horizons Daycare, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, and others. However, according to the Mariner Business Center's website, the list of businesses operating in the building is outdated, last being updated in November 2019.


It will be interesting to see if they replace the sign. I honestly would be surprised if they took on the cost of erecting a new sign structure, especially when most of the parking lot is used for storage space anyway.

As long as Guadalajara's is still standing, I'll still be going to the Mariner Business Center.

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