The Superior School District is in need of school bus drivers. They actually sent an advertisement in the mail looking for people to apply. They are hiring multiple bus drivers for different positions including both part time and full time jobs.

The offer a starting wage of $22-$23 per hour for drivers. You don't need to already have a CDL, they will provide paid training while you get your commercial driver's license.

They also are not requiring any experience in driving busses. All you need is a valid driver's license and high school diploma or equivalent. The positions they are hiring for are full time, part time, and substitute work is also available.

You can apply online at the Superior School District's website or also call 715-394-8706 to get an application.

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The school district also offers benefits such as family health insurance and also a retirement plan. That's pretty generous, along with the training for CDL, which can cost nearly $1,000.

The Superior School District also is hiring teachers and other positions too. They have teaching, coaching, office, assistant and other jobs available. The listings were posted on their Facebook page.

The pay rate for the school bus driver openings is competitive with starting wages at other school districts and also the DTA. Those places are hiring as well. Starting wages for Duluth Transit Authority Drivers are in the $20-23/hr range.

Hopefully they will be able to fill these positions with good candidates this fall so there aren't even more learning disruptions in the coming school year. The labor shortage continues to make it difficult for employers to find workers.

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