We've seen so much snow this winter across the Northland that we've all had to get a little creative about how to get rid of it.

Red Mug Coffeehouse has also gotten a little creative and the results are hilarious!

The shop posted a message and a photo on their Facebook page early Thursday morning, offering a free drink to customers who help shovel near their basement entrance.

As you can see in the photo, there is quite a bit of snow. Ha!

There are a few rules you have to follow though. You must remove snow equivalent to a five gallon bucket. You must provide your own bucket and you have to dump the snow in a different, reasonable location. (That means you can't just dump it on top of the other snow!)

If you follow along, you will get a free 12 oz cup of coffee or hot tea. This is for dine-in customers only.

I absolutely LOVE this. It's funny and a great way to make light of all this snow. 

Red Mug Coffeehouse is located on Hammond Avenue in Superior. Get your bucket!

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