Northland air travelers looking to begin their trip from Duluth will soon have another option, thanks to a new partnership between Sun Country Airlines and Landline.

According to, Sun Country Airlines is testing a new concept in Duluth that will allow customers to book trips with Sun Country that begin and end in Duluth.  The caveat is that the first and last leg of the trip will be on a 56-seat Landline coach bus that will take people between the Duluth International Airport and MSP.

Those who book this option will have their bus ticket included in the airfare package:

Passengers will be checked in to Sun Country’s system, allowing the airline to know they are on their way, as are their bags. This shifts the burden of arriving on time from the passenger to them, Landline executives said.

Sun Country and Landline are also testing this concept in Mankato in an effort to provide a more affordable air travel option to people living in rural markets.

This new service will be available on Sun Country’s booking website on October 24 for flights departing MSP on or after November 4.

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