It's nice to hear stories about this.  Too often media focuses on bad things that happen.  I thought I needed to share this with you.

A retired 72 year old military veteran noticed a woman and her grandson walking out from the woods.  He notified police.  He also opened up his home for her and her grandson that night. 

By Wednesday afternoon - after quick action by strangers who had never met Dowd until Tuesday, when they spotted her walking down a sidewalk toward that lean-to that she was living in - Dowd had moved bed and clothes, games and food, into an apartment in Clover.

"Nobody should have to live like that, and, by God, if I have anything to say about it, it will never happen again," said Ken Thomas, a 72-year-old retired military veteran who saw Dowd near her tent Tuesday and immediately opened up his home for her to sleep Tuesday night.

"A granny and a child out in a tent. That's not the America I know."


That's inspiring.  Remember to help out and donate to your local food shelves.  Or donate clothes and items that you no longer use to salvation army or goodwill.  You don't have to open up your home to the homeless necessarily, but you can open up your heart (and checkbook.)  (Tax deductions, anyone?)

Also so you know social services is now working with her and helping out.If you'd like to read more you can read the full article from THE HERALD.