Need spring break money?  Quit putting off doing your taxes!  The State of WI says if you e-file now, you could have your return in time the sunshine and fun of Spring Break!

Wisconsin has a free e-file program and a WI Revenue mobile app, so it's never been easier to file your tax return and check the status of your refund. College students who need a little cash for their upcoming spring break vacations can e-file online and get their refund before spring break.

If your a student, just go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) website and click on the WI e-file button and follow the step-by-step instructions for filling out your Wisconsin tax return.   e-Filing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is fast, accurate and secure.

WI e-file will walk you through the entire process, including which form to use. Yay!  Makes it a whole lot easier, so stop stressing about doing your taxes!  Just make sure you have all your tax documents ready (like your W-2 and federal income tax return). The website will also offer helpful videos about a variety of topics, including instructions for filing Wisconsin taxes.

Their free mobile app with it's added new features will let you check the status of your refund.  Download the WI Revenue mobile app from the Apple or Google Play app store.



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