As we all face the challenges of world-wide pandemic, health care providers are finding more ways to provide for their patients, including St. Luke's in Duluth.

St. Luke's has announced that telehealth visits are now an option for patients.  Patients simply need a device with a camera and an internet connection to connect with their doctor.


"It’s a really convenient option for our patients and a great tool for helping people manage chronic and acute conditions,” Dr. Timothy Kleinschmidt with St. Luke���s Internal Medicine Associates said. “The most important part of making a diagnosis or changing a treatment is listening to the patient. This provides the vast majority of the information we use to make those decisions. It helps us decide if an in-person evaluation or diagnostic tests are needed. Plus, it reassures patients they can still be in touch with their primary doctor.”

This service is a convenient way to address minor health concerns, illnesses, chronic care management and preventative care.

If you're concerned you may have contracted the COVID-19 virus, you're encouraged to call the St. Luke’s COVID-19 Nurse Triage Hotline at 218-249-4200.  This is especially the case should you experience trouble breathing.

You can also follow the link below a free eCare visit, using COVID19. If you have a medical emergency, call 911.

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