Northland veterans could get a reduction on their property tax bill but the deadline for the program is coming soon.  Officials with St. Louis County and the Veterans Service Office are urging disabled veterans in the area to sign up to take advantage of the Homestead Market Value Exclusion.

The program is open and available to disabled veterans, their surviving spouses, or their primary caretaker.

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Under the program, the Homestead Market Value Exclusion reduces the market value of the home for tax purposes; that reduction could reduce the individual's property taxes.  The county provides the following two examples of the way in which the program could benefit a disabled veteran:

  • A veteran with a 70% or greater service-connected disability rating may qualify for a $150,000 market value exclusion.
  • A veteran with a 100% permanent and total disability rating may qualify for a $300,000 market value exclusion.

Deadline to apply for the Homestead Market Value Exclusion is Friday, December 31.  If granted, the exclusion would apply to property taxes that are due in 2022.  Veterans living in St. Louis County should submit their application to the St. Louis County Assessor's Office.  Any veteran who is unsure of their disability rating should contact the St. Louis County Assessor's Office - in Duluth:  218-725-5285, in Ely:  218-365-8203, in Hibbing: 218-262-6090, or in Virginia:  218-749-7110.

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According to information shared by St. Louis County, there are currently more than 1,150 disabled veterans and surviving spouses receiving this Homestead Market Value Exclusion.  It's worth noting that individuals who have received this exclusion in the past do not need to apply again for the same property.  However, if an eligible person has moved or transferred ownership of a property, they will need to apply again.  If an eligible person has moved in with a primary caretaker, that caretaker should contact the Assessor's Office to determine eligibility to apply.

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